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The Mortgage Process

Purchasing a your home is a pivotal life event, and navigating the intricacies of the mortgage process can seem daunting. However, our comprehensive guide unveils a clear and structured path to securing your dream home, devoid of unnecessary complexity.

Step 1

Laying the Foundation

Our initial appointment is crucial to understand your financial goals and put together a personalised mortgage plan.


This will include a purchase budget designed to meet your affordability now and in the future.


You'll need to provide some basic documents such as bank statements, payslips and ID to get started.

This will allow us to verify your affordability and identify any areas we will need to be aware ahead of your mortgage application. These documents must be received before step 2

Step 3.

Offer Accepted - Let's Find Your Mortgage.

When your offer is accepted we'll get to work on putting together your personalised mortgage recommendation.

This will be based on your mortgage plan produced at our initial meeting.


We'll compare fees, interest rates, and lenders to find the best deal for you.

Additional details we'll need at this stage will be your solicitor details, the property address along with the property brochure. We'll also need the final purchase price with your confirmed level of deposit. 

Step 2


Depending on the market and your current circumstances, we may recommend obtaining a decision in principle.


This part of the process forms the initial step of the application process.


A decision in principle is where the lender will run a soft credit check to ensure you pass their credit thresholds and where they will provisionally approve the level of lending. 


This is still subject to full underwriting but can be a good indicator of success and can be a useful document be submit with your purchase offer.

Step 4

Application Time 

We'll take care of the entire application process, through to mortgage offer and will keep you informed every step of the way.

On the first day we will submit your case to the mortgage lender along with the supporting evidence. 

The lender will run an initial review to see if they require further explanation or evidence, we will handle this on your behalf but may request further information or documents from you.

A valuation will be instructed by the lender. 

This valuation is only used by the lender to confirm that the level of lending is appropriate for the property. This is not a full buyers survey.

Step 5:

Your Mortgage Offer

Once you case is checked over and approved along with the satisfactory valuation, your case will be submitted to the underwriter for their final decision. 


With the underwriters seal of approval your mortgage offer will be granted. This is the moment we will have working towards, it means that your financing is in place and ready to go. 


We will send you a copy of your mortgage offer straight away, your solicitor will be sent their own copy directly from the lender, so you don't need to do anything. 

We're here with you at every stage

Our goal is to keep you in control, we'll keep you updated and informed at every stage and answer your questions with open communication, no jargon or fuss.

Our experienced team will make the process smooth and stress-free.
We work for you, not the lenders, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Ready to get started? Schedule your free initial consultation and let's start your mortgage journey together.

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