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Employee Financial Wellness

How we can help your employees

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When I started Boulter Mortgages my priority was to create a way to work with companies to better support their employees on a practical basis.


We all love a smoothie day, wellbeing content and company socials. However, with interest rates fluctuating and the cost of living increasing, finances are far more of a concern for your employees. 


I want to make sure that organisations can provide their employees with the support they need at the moment need it.


As an independent Mortgage Brokerage, our focus is on the individual. We help each client with trusted mortgage advice, reviewing debts, budget and property investment options. We're not just to help in the tough times, our goal is to help your workforce achieve their financial goals. 

As a company, reducing financial stress and increasing your employees sense of security will free up their mental energy to focus on work. increasing productivity with better job satisfaction and overall well-being.


Happier, healthier employees are more productive and engaged, which will lead to increased profits and success for your company.

Do get in touch, it would be great to talk

Jen Boulter

Jennifer Boulter
Director at Boulter Mortgages

How We Support Your Employees

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